Scott Ross, former CEO and Co-Founder of Digital Domain

“I remember, about 18 years or so ago, my partner Stan Winston showed me a few panels of this kid, Peter’s work. I was blown away, and hired him straight away. Congrats on your website.”


Charlie McClellan, Executive VFX Supervisor, Spartacus

Visual Effects Art Director: Peter Baustaedter

 When Peter Baustaedter joined the Spartacus VFX effort, the technical and artistic quality of the show took a big leap forward.

Peter assembled a fantastic team of 2D and 3D artists to realize the environments as alluded to in the production art, and that make up so much of the exterior scenes in the final two seasons.

His technical ability with Nuke helped change and streamline our pipelines, he single-handedly wrestled our color loop beast to the ground, and he personally hung out of a helicopter to take many of the stunning photographic tiles that are the basis for the world of Spartacus.

Peter supervised the matte paintings, Nuke CG environments, skies and “look development” for each of the scenes, which were so convincing that many believe the show was filmed outside on location, when in fact it’s all in the studio.

Peter’s keen eye for natural light and atmosphere in photographic shots also helped me greatly to give creative direction to the final composites.

In essence, Peter was an invaluable and pivotal member of the Spartacus VFX creative team, and I hope to have the pleasure of making another show with him in the future.

Charlie McClellan

Executive VFX Supervisor

Pacific Renaissance Spartacus Ltd.

Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Gods of the Arena, Vengeance, and War of the Damned

Chloe Smith, Producer, Spartacus:


 10 May 2013

 To Whom It May Concern: And regarding Mr Peter Baustaedter.

 It is my pleasure to provide this letter to recommend Peter’s work as VISUAL EFFECTS ART DIRECTOR for SEASON 2 Vengeance 10 x 1 hour episodes SEASON 3 War Of The Damned 10 x 1 hour episodes of the SPARTACUS series.

All production took place in Auckland, New Zealand and was produced by Pacific Renaissance Spartacus Ltd and for original programming on the STARZ Network.

 I cannot recommend Peter more highly for his visual effects skill and therein his creative, technical and collaborative contribution to the on screen look of the show – he was a key participant in problem solving and building the visual world of SPARTACUS from a physical filming world of set pieces and green screens – our show never left the interior of a stage and a VFX workload of 300 to 900 shots per episode were essential to the end result.

 Peter has an attention to detail that is exemplary and his wish to always aim for the best outcome and highest bar is excellent, his communication within his own and the ancillary creative and technical departments were clear and constructive and with efficiency always in mind – key relationships being with our creative Executive Producer, Producing Director, Visual Effects Supervisor, Production Designer and Directors of Photography.

Additionally, Peter was responsible for shooting and creating a library of reference location and sky photography that was an essential part of on screen composition.

Were it not for the current NZ screen production ‘quiet’ period, I would not be writing this recommendation for Peter – I would have him fully engaged on a current production – and look forward to doing so again!




Paul Dickson & Greg Flannagan / VFX Supervisors / Company Directors – Cause&FX

We have had the pleasure of working with Peter Baustaedter whilst in his role as VFX Art Director on both Spartacus: Vengeance and Spartacus: War of the Damned.

The demands this project presented were unforgiving and in this challenging environment Peter was proactive in finding creative solutions without compromising the artistic integrity of his work. His high standard and vision for the world we were to create balanced with his understanding of technical application were critical in bringing the show to life.

Peter played an integral role in introducing an improved pipeline work flow resulting in increasing productivity and quality. As scenes grew in volume and complexity, these processes paid off in trumps enabling the delivery of an unprecedented number of shots in a short time frame.
Adaptable, friendly and always the consumate professional, Peter Baustaedter rose to the challenge of the thousands of vfx shots that came his way. We consider Peter Baustaedter not only a college but a friend we would not hesitate to recommend.


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